Monday, March 21, 2011

The Zion Chronicles

Wandering Jude returns to Bodie Thoene's series of books entitled The Zion Chronicles. I've talked about the books A Daughter of Zion and The Gates of Zion already, but believe me, there are many more books that Ms. Thoene has written where Jews figure prominently (and often convert to Christianity). These include Jerusalem Interlude, The Key to Zion, A Light in Zion, and The Return to Zion. And then there is The Zion Legacy series, which includes such winners as Jerusalem's Heart, Jerusalem Vigil, and Thunder from Jerusalem. Oh, and then there's another Thoene series of Christian books with Jewish characters, this one known as Zion Covenant! Some of the books in this one include Prague Counterpoint and Warsaw Requiem. Will it never end, Ms. Bodie Thoene?

Wandering Jude thought about quoting extensively from these books, and making snarky comments, but he wearies of the task at hand. Better for the gentle reader to simply ignore these books. They are not bad as far as storytelling goes, but the underlying message is what is disturbing to WJ and all free-thinking human beings.

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