Sunday, October 7, 2007

Conversation with a Pharisee -- and a Christian

The current issue of Christianity Today has an article that perfectly illustrates the state of dialog between evangelicals and Jews. Two clerics from the U.K. (a minister and a rabbi) talk about what unites them and what separates them. Mostly what separates them. Rabbi David Rosen and Rev. R.T. Kendall have written a book together (The Christian and the Pharisee), and the article appears to be the two talking about themes from the book: Interpretation of the Bible, sin, evangelism, Jewish-Christian relations, etc.

The following interchange between the two is telling:

Kendall: "I pray for you every day. If I'm right, you will go to hell when you die, and I don't want that...."

Rosen: "I just don't understand what you're talking about...."

Kendall: "There's a double blindness upon a Jew.... God has given them a spirit of stupor -- eyes so they cannot see."

Rosen: "If there is something that I'm not seeing that is of essential importance, then I pray that the Almighty will reveal it to me."

Although the author of the article wants you as the reader to see Kendall and Rosen as having a "warm friendship," I was struck by Kendall's preoccupation with Rosen's salvation (to the point of being somewhat obnoxious about it) and Rosen's mystifed reaction.

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